InMotion Hosting offers wide variety in web hosting

Since 2001, InMotion Hosting has been dedicated to providing the best web hosting solutions available. InMotion Hosting is the premiere choice for small and medium business web hosting. Their web hosting packages come with unparalleled customer service, expert technical support and seamless scalable solutions for your business needs.

InMotion Hosting offers wide variety in web hosting and management services. Dedicated servers, VPS, shared hosting services are available at InMotion in a reasonable price; on the other hand, InMotion Hosting also offers website management services - they will develop, launch and maintain your website on contract basis.

There are 3 different hosting packages available from InMotion Hosting and the cheapest package comes for just $6.95 per month. The other 2 packages are $8.95 and $18.95. However, you will need to pay for a minimum of 12 months for the launch package. The 'Pro' package is available for 1 month time frame too but the setup fee for less than 6 month period is around $40.

InMotion Hosting offers several hosting plans with vastly high amounts of storage space, which cater to clients who require high amounts of storage and data transfer allowances. Their prices are hard to beat and among the best in the industry. They also offer free setup a free domain name for life, free 24/7 support, free site builder and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, to ensure you're satisfied with your service. Each plan also offers a host of free scripts, including, free bulletin board, site statistics, guestbook, spam filters and more.

InMotion Hosting has a fail proof security system and top ranked servers guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime rate. InMotion Hosting's platforms are all Dell commercial class servers with redundant drives, disk to disk backup, and three stage power safety, so worrying about downtime and security breaches is not necessary.

InMotion Hosting customers can reach their 24/7 support team in 3 ways - a toll-free telephone number, live chat or email. All of their support is based in the United States - they have offices in Los Angeles, CA and Virginia Beach, VA. InMotion's web site also provides customers with a comprehensive FAQ section and helpful Flash Tutorials.

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